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Here is a pretty cool idea, a disposable charcoal grill. You might be wondering why you would want one, but in certain situations they can come in really handy. For instance tailgating, at the beach, the park, or camping. Some people don’t have the room to store a gas or charcoal grill, or live in an apartment, so one of these are really handy.

The disposable bbq grill I found is pretty cool. It comes ready to go; all you need is a match to light it. It is extremely easy toDisposable Charcoal Grill light and has all natural charcoal. There is no need to add lighter fluid, so you won’t get that nasty chemical taste on your grilled food.

It’s a pretty good sized grill which will hold about six burgers at once. The nice thing about it is that it has a long cook time. You can expect to get at least 1 ½ hours of cooking time, so you can grill multiple items. It’s perfect for a little cookout with friends or family.

One thing to watch out with this one though is it gets rather hot. So, you will want to put it on a non-flammable surface. So, if you are going to put this on a table, you will need to put something underneath it. This disposable grill is pretty light too, so you’ve got to be careful on windy days. You might need to put something in front of it to block the wind.

All in all it is a pretty cool item for tailgating, at the beach, or anywhere you want to grill. What is nice is there is less stuff to pack and deal with. Just let it cool down, or pour some water on it to cool it. This disposable charcoal grill has everything you need, except the match, and it is well worth having on hand.

You can check them out yourself here. They are pretty handy.